LJ's Support Service (new business promotion pack)

A small business self-promotional package.

Via an introduction from an existing client, I was approached by LJ's Support Service, a small Rockhampton, Queensland business startup to initially create some business cards and a single-page website.  With some discussion, it was decided that there was a great deal more that could be achieved within the client's budget, while at the same time testing the project as a possible standard package for similar small business startups.
The project has since grown to include a logo design, full-colour DL brochure and business cards, a photography session to capture supporting imagery and profile portraits.  To complete the initial package, a small website is under development to deliver information to prospective clients and support materials, tips and links to other support resources for LJ's existing clients.
From the client perspective, transitioning from being an employee of a large in-home support corporation to going out on your own, had the potential of being a self-promotion minefield with limited experience and endless possibilities making the process much more difficult.  I was able to provide insight and advice to develop a multi-phase approach to the self-promotion, and allow Lyneece to hit the ground running with the basics, but having the beginnings of a brand and established style to be confident to show both old and new clients. 
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